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Balancing Act

November 9, 2012   

Life is all about balance. More specifically, college life is all about balance. Partying too much is bad for your grades. Studying too much is bad for your social life. And sleeping too much is detrimental to both. But even at a busy school like Hamilton, you don’t have to just pick two – with the right understanding of balance and time management, it’s possible to have fun and study hard, all while getting a decent amount of sleep.

Take this weekend for example. The cloudy weather tends to make me sleepy, but there are multiple parties to go to, and I have plans to get sushi off campus tonight beforehand. But I also have a proposal to write for a final paper in one class, and a lab to work on for another, not to mention my normal assignments for my other two classes and a piece to practice for piano.

When you look at it all, it seems really intimidating, but with the right priorities and sacrifice, this weekend will be fun and productive. I’ll get sushi tonight, then work on my Computer Science lab afterward. Tomorrow I’ll work all day, then hit the parties I want to go to. Then I’ll sleep in on Sunday and end the weekend with a relaxed day of studying. So simple!

Now if only someone had told me about this my first semester …