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Ohhhh, summer...

October 1, 2006   Just like my first year of college, my summer has disappeared in a flash. Unfortunately, my friends and I didn’t get to go on that awesome road trip that we had been “planning” for months. And by “planning” I  mean conversations like this: “We should so DO something this summer.” Then the collective “YESSSS!” Silence. Change of topic. So I will admit that we were all partially responsible for being lazy and not having the summer that al those coming of age movies seem to center on. Whatever, though. My summer was awesome regardless. We randomly went to Rye Beach Playland (where part of the movie “Big” was filmed). I hadn’t been there in years, so that was fun. We had various mini adventures (we swam in the Long Island Sound at 1:00 AM), and I do miss it. And yes, I also found time for work. A little side note about myself: I get stir crazy very easily. Therefore, I worked various places (all in the city!) during the summer. Job No. 1 was at a certain chain of “booksellers” in Chelsea…I forgot how taxing working with the public was, and I lasted only 6 weeks. Job No. 2 and 3 involved working with fashion salesmen, and I worked with samples and shuttled between the offices in midtown and the fashion district.. Job No. 4 was perhaps my most intense job of all: babysitting my little cousins and their 8-week-old new puppy. I have new respect for my friends who baby sit…it is NOT a cushy job. A week after that job ended I came back here. I’m settled in and relieved that I don’t have to commute more than 15 minutes (at the most) and that the busiest street is Martin’s Way.