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Back again so soon?

October 1, 2006   I’m living in an amazing single in Bundy, which is basically the all sophomore dorm. I’m so glad I was able to get in during the lottery because I’m living with a bunch of my friends (including Leighton, who happens to live next door…so I better not catch him biting on my stories) and I get to meet other sophomores who I didn’t know last year. My classes so far have been equally amazing, as well. My oil painting class is so much fun and I think I’m going to minor in art now. I’ve always loved art, and I find it very relaxing. The class meets once week for 3 hours, so most of the work I put in is during my free time (and I’m not complaining). We’re working on our second piece right now; it’s a Fall-ish still life, complete with cornhusks (no pumpkins though, that’d be too cliché). I’m also taking the Russian Studies class on “vampires,” and no, we don’t waste our time arguing if they exist. We’re focusing mainly on folklore and literature, and we’ve dabbled in religious metaphors. Yay, liberal arts! Then, for my two science courses, I’m taking chemistry and environmental studies.  Chemistry isn’t one of my strengths…I think that’s all I’m going to say about that. Environmental studies is my fun science class; we’re focusing on the environmental history of America. I’m writing a paper on whaling for that class. How cool is that? So if you happen to go to the library and notice that all the books on whales are gone, it’s because I’ve taken them. ALL of them. Sorry. I even grabbed the “Eye Witness Guide to Whales.” Do you remember those? It’s probably 6th grade reading level, but when I saw it I was channeling my inner child and NEEDED to take it.

Other notable events:

  • A few of my friends brought cars to campus this year! (Sophomores are allowed to bring cars.) We took a road trip (although, I don’t know if a 45 minute drive constitutes a road trip) to the Syracuse Mall, and it is HUGE. I bought those fuzzy things for my earphones and some jeans.
  • I saw the Wickerman in New Hartford…I don’t think any of us could actually tell if it was good or not. I hate movies like that.
  • We took my friend Caitlin to Outback Steakhouse for her birthday. I was disturbed by the “bloomin’ onion.”
  • I’ve been to Coldstone a ridiculous number of times, considering I’ve only been here a month.
  • I went to Panera in New Hartford for the first time ever. I don’t know why I hadn’t made it last year; it’s on the jitney route.
  • I bought a coffee pot! (If you knew me, you’d know that this is monumental. I’ve been wanting one for weeks.) I’ve yet to use it, though. I need a travel mug first.