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One down, one to go

May 9, 2012   

One down, one to go.

Finals week is here. I feel like I just got back from spring break, but somehow we’re already at the end of the semester. If you visited Hamilton this week, you would see a lot of distress, jubilation, confusion, exhaustion, excitement, frustration and a mountain of empty coffee cups. Or maybe that’s just what you would see if you visited my room.

I had my first exam today—in Macroeconomic Theory—which leaves me with one more on Friday. The Macrotheory test certainly wasn’t easy, but I’m glad to have it off my chest. Time to start studying some Economic Statistics! Aren’t you jealous?

I had to hand in an Arabic paper this morning, which I got out of the way earlier this week so I would have time to study for econ. When I dropped off my paper in my professor’s office, she had set out cookies, veggies, hummus, and other delightful treats for everyone. Last semester my econ professor brought milk and cookies to our final exam review session. It’s those little gestures that make a huge difference when you’re stressed out.

A tour walked by today while I was studying in KJ (the Kirner Johnson building) and I couldn’t help think what an interesting perception they will have of Hamilton. I saw the prospective students and their parents, then glanced around me and tried to look at the scene from their perspective. Students were packed around all the available chairs and tables; some looked like they just woke up (this was around lunchtime), some clearly hadn’t gone to bed yet (the tell-tale sign is a graveyard of 5-hour energies and candy wrappers), and some were passed out (in every position imaginable). Notes and papers littered every flat surface and articles of clothing dotted the floor like polka dots. People were perched on ledges, staircases, and windowsills alike. It looked like either a crack-den or an occupy KJ movement.*

*Some of these descriptions may be slight exaggerations.