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Trust Treat!

November 14, 2012   

A few weeks ago was Trust Treat, a Hamilton tradition and celebration that brings children from Utica and children of Hamilton employees to campus for a safe and fun evening of trick or treating. Students in residence halls, academic departments and campus organizations dress in costume and decorate their spaces and handout candy to the little ones. Sponsored by the Newman Council, this tradition began with the class of ’92 after a member of their class died suddenly. Trust Treat honors this classmate and his genuine concern for others.

My sorority usually participates in this every year and I’ve never had a chance to experience it until this year. Not that many kids showed up during my shift because it was super early but the ones who did were absolutely adorable. It was nice to see them so excited and dressed up in their costumes.

In addition to Trust Treat, there are a ton of volunteer opportunities students can participate in. I think that it can be difficult to find time to volunteer or be motivated to volunteer on a regular basis but there are so many weekly opportunities that Hamilton offers, it’s almost impossible not to participate. HAVOC (Hamilton Association for Volunteering, Outreach and Charity) provides numerous volunteer opportunities such as trips to animal shelters, nursing homes and soup kitchens.

There’s also the Greek Philanthropy Union, a new organization consisting of the philanthropy chairs of each fraternity and sorority, that comes together to give back to the Clinton and Utica communities. A few weeks ago, they sponsored a Powderpuff football game to raise funds for breast cancer. If you can’t find time during the semester to volunteer, there are opportunities during Spring Break. Alternative Spring Break is another service opportunity during Hamilton’s Spring Break with weeklong service trips on construction/disaster relief, environmental preservation, and community outreach. There are so many activities that encourage students to get off campus and get into the community to make a difference.