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Winter at Hammy

November 14, 2012   

It’s that time again…time to bring out the winter coat because this past Sunday it snowed. Like full-on real snowflakes, not the kind the kind that’s feels like rain but nice fluffy flakes. None of it stuck to the ground though since it’s been raining for the past week due to Hurricane Sandy. But it’s official: winter has come to Hammy. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this considering I left my winter coat at home…

Growing up in Maryland, I thought I knew winter, but then I came to Hamilton and realized that all those winters at home were weekends in Miami compared to here. Don’t get me wrong, Hamilton is absolutely beautiful in the winter but I wasn’t expecting so much snow. So I’ve got some tips for you to survive your first winter at Hamilton.

1. Cafe Opus is your new best friend.
Nothing says winter at Hamilton like a nice Chai latte. Or hot chocolate and opus cookies. This student-run café serves coffee drinks and food as well (great for those nights when you’re stuck in the science center or KJ studying).

2. Get acquainted with your roommate.
There have been instances when the walk to the dining halls seemed impossible because of the unbearable cold or snow and my roommate and I would end up eating microwave dinners. Usually Easy Mac or Ramen Noodles. Not only will you avoid the cold this way, but this will also be a great opportunity to bond with your roommate! The extra bonus is that you can easily convince yourself that it’s okay to watch two episodes of (insert your favorite show here). Sounds like the good life right?

3. Get serious winter gear. This is an obvious no brainer but when I got to Hamilton I had no boots of any kind and realized that my converse were not going to cut it anymore. This is the perfect excuse to buy some cozy sweaters and hats, scarves and new shoes!