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Early Decision Apps

November 14, 2012   

ED I applications were due yesterday. Seriously, where did the time go? The ED II application is due January 1 so get started on those applications early! I never applied Early Decision but I ended up filling all of my applications last minute and it was the worst.

For most of you guys, you’re reaching the halfway mark of your senior year in high school and the thought of that can be terrifying.  I know, because I was absolutely terrified. It’s been three years since that moment and I can’t even remember why I was scared! There are so many things to look forward to college.

After graduation, you’ll leave the nest to make a new home. You’ll meet new faces, and ask awkward questions, and find others who have the same quirky obsessions and interests that you do. You’ll create lifelong friendships and later laugh about how it all started in a cramped dorm room with no central air. You’ll learn in (co-ed!) classrooms. You'll study, discover more about what you want and how to get it. You'll travel, see the world. You'll crunch through snow-covered grass in the winter and sprawl out in sun-warmed green when the weather heats up again. You'll try things - some things that you’ll later wish you hadn't - and you'll learn from every new experience. You'll grow up. You'll grow older. And in some ways you won't change at all. Starting over is definitely a challenge - especially for babies like me who are terrified of change. But it's also very exciting and fun, especially at Hamilton!

Good luck to everyone!