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Crunch Time

March 4, 2013   

This happens every year - in fact, every semester - but it is junior year and the pre-Spring break midterms still take me by surprise. If I were to use an excuse, it would be that this semester I also have internship applications due on top of all of the other papers and exams. Apparently that is a weak excuse since my parents didn't buy it when I was complaining to them about work. Their response was "Shouldn't you have this figured out by junior year?" 

That is the other kicker - as a college student, if you want to whine or complain about your workload, you have to go to your parents or else other family members not in college. This is because every single other person at Hamilton, and even friends on other campuses, are experiencing the same crunch time. Unless their school has trimesters, a concept which still seems strange to me. And don't try to complain to alumni/friends who have already graduated, because they will start yelling at you that you should enjoy what is left of college, before you hit the real world!

I still managed to spend a lot of time not studying this weekend for all the exams coming up. It was Trustee Weekend, meaning that there were a lot of alumni and other family members on campus. In addition, a few students attending Hamilton's Washington D.C. program this semester came back to visit, so it made for a great chance to see some different faces! Hamilton's annual Beach Party was also this past Saturday in the Annex, one of the social spaces on campus. Despite the fact that it was about 30 degrees outside, an impressive number of students still braved the cold in hawaiian shirts and shorts to go enjoy the heavily advertised "7 tons of sand" that was brought in for the event. Every year I go, and every year I fail to understand the point of the sand. It's messy, and I've heard several stories of people getting it into their eyes or other unwanted places. Why sand? I don't know. 

All in all, it was a great weekend to enjoy before buckling down to work. So I must get back to studying for International Political Economy, drafting a cover letter and writing my Chinese essay (which I could have completed already, were I still in China. It's harder now that I don't speak it everyday! Aw well). Whew. Crunch time!