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Choir Tour 2008!

March 31, 2008   

The choir tour of the Midwest was another great time and, if I may say so, a musical success.  It began March 13th and lasted until the 20th. We made stops in Buffalo, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois. I had never been to Chicago before this trip and I spent the day looking at paintings in the Art Institute of Chicago. We were in Chicago on Saint Patrick’s Day when, apparently, the city has a tradition of dumping a green dye into the river.  There were several oo’s and ahh’s from admiring singers.
The daily schedule consisted mostly of bus traveling.  It was something like a 70-person road trip, and the grandeur and mystery of it all was only heightened by our number.  
This upcoming Friday will be our final concert (at home) of the tour. We will perform at Hamilton in Wellin Hall, which is a great place to sing because of the acoustics.  I hope, if you are in town, that you’ll be able to join us!