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Walk the Moon.

April 7, 2013   

Kudos to CAB (Hamilton's Campus Activities Board), because they do a great job putting on all-campus events and getting some great acts to Clinton. The Walk the Moon concert this past Saturday was definitely a success! To be honest, I think most people on campus hadn't heard of the band before CAB announced that they were coming. But that is something that CAB does well, too - booking musicians before they really become famous. I looked up Walk the Moon as soon as the concert was announced - not only was their music catchy and fun, but they were featured on Nylon Magazine, sang with Local Natives and Weezer, and performed at Lollapalooza! If anyone doesn't understand those last three references, they are two indie-pop bands and a great Chicago music festival.

CAB brough Janaelle Monae to campus for the last April concert, which is a prime example of CAB getting people to Hamilton before they really make it big. When Hamilton booked Janaelle Monae, she was definitely on the rise, but not exactly well-known. By time she came to perform, she was booked for an appearance at the White House and had featured on the band Fun.'s song "We are Young," which later won a Grammy. She was a fantastic performer. At one point during the concert, she actually got some students to hold her up by her feet, so that she was singing while walking on top of the crowd. It was insane! 

Walk the Moon was just as fantastic. Their music is really upbeat, and it is obvious that they genuinely love performing and making music. CAB sold the tickets for $5 ahead of time for students and $20 at the door (cheap tickets, another plus!). The crowd got bigger as the concert went on, so by the end the room was packed. My friend and I made it almost to the front of the pack, literally two rows away from the stage, before we decided it wasn't worth getting pushed around. Though I will be the first to admit that if people choose to be in the front, they should expect to get pushed a little. At one point, I was asked by the girl in front of me to give her space, when it was the people behind me pushing me into her! So I will take this time to say that if people place themselves at the front of the crowd, directly in front of center-stage, they should expect to get bumped. That being said, the girl asked very politely, and I backed up as much as was phsysically possible, so no hard feelings on either side. But…it's a concert, for goodness sake!

At the end of the show, CAB announced our Class and Charter Day performer. Class and Charter Day is the big last-day of classes celebration at the end of every year. I think most schools have something smilier, albeit under a different name. For April Fool's Day, CAB put out posters saying that Asher Roth was coming. This worried people a little. But the prank was worth it….because we are getting Macklemore!! I am so, so excited! My friend swears he saw one girl sink to her knees, crying tears of joy when his name was announced. I was definitely nowhere near that level of emotion….but safe to say the whole campus is really excited!!