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11 Reasons Hamilton Is Better Than The Other Schools You Applied To

March 26, 2010   Today, Hamilton sent out their admission decisions via the Web. Congratulations to those of you who were accepted to become part of Hamilton's Class of 2014! Now comes the selection process ... which school will you pick? Yes, on paper, Hamilton looks like every other small, Northeastern liberal arts college.

Here is what I think sets us apart:

1. Cafe Opus: I have dreams about their mango Brie paninis. Plus, their Eden of couches and great music provides a great study/social space.

2. Marge: Marge is a legend on campus. As a card swiper in Commons dining hall, she probably knows more students on campus than most students. Armed with a great personality and absolute love for all the kids here, Marge is like a mom on campus. Interestingly enough, during Family Weekend, you often see kids introducing their parents to Marge: "Mom, meet Marge, my on-campus mom!"

3. Sorority/Fraternity Life: Greek life doesn't overwhelm the Hamilton campus like other schools. Any student can decide to rush a fraternity or sorority, but there is no pressure. I have a few friends involved in Greek life, but it doesn't define who they are. Plus, most of the parties they hold are hosted in "all-campus spaces," meaning anyone on campus is allowed to come. The open atmosphere discourages cliques from being formed.

4. Kirkland College: Did you know that Hamilton helped establish a coordinate college right next door? For women? It's all true. Kirkland women stormed the scene in the late '60s and were absorbed into Hamilton in the mid '70s. What did they bring to campus? A spirit of individuality as well as the Comparative Literature, Art and Sociology departments.

5. Diner Breakfast: From 12:30 p.m. to I don't know when on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, our on-campus diner is open for breakfast. Diner breakfast nights are extremely memorable for several reasons, but this is my favorite: when the jukebox gets going everyone starts singing along to Build Me Up Buttercup or Benny and the Jets with absolutely no inhibitions.

6. The Glen: Okay, so Middlebury may own its own ski slope, but Hamilton has THE GLEN. Spanning many, many acres on various parts of campus, the woods that make up the Glen are home to great cross-country ski trails, a ropes course and even a trampoline.

7. In a certain light, our president, Joan Hinde Stewart, looks like Diane Keaton: So we basically have a celebrity on campus ...

8. The Citrus Bowl: The first hockey game of each year, we throw oranges, grapefruit, etc. at the other team/onto the ice. Okay so NESCAC basically banned us from throwing items onto the ice a few years ago, but still ... don't you want to go to a college who USED to throw fruit at a sporting event? Plus, each year they give out free commemorative t-shirts.

9. The 7-Minute Walk: It is amazing how lazy I have become since arriving at Hamilton. I used to walk roughly 30-45 minutes to get home from high school every day. Now, I complain if I have to walk from my dorm to the Science Center, a measly 7-minute walk. But — not all campuses are as lucky as we are. One of my friends who attends a state school has to take a shuttle bus to some of her classes.

10. Brand Spanking New EVERYTHING: A few years ago The Fitness Center was redone. The Science Center was completed a couple of years ago. Last year KJ was renovated and extended. This year ELS is being overhauled and extended as well. Our campus is shiny, new and gorgeous.

11. If you come here I will bake you cookies: Not really, but if you say hi to me, I will smile, wave and strike up a conversation, just like any other Hamilton student — we are a friendly bunch! Although, if we do end up becoming friends, knowing my best friends Eva and Maddy's obsession for baking, you will probably get a few treats out of the deal.

Alright, enough of my shameless promotion of the school. Just get here already!