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Sunday Afternoon at the Library

December 9, 2012   

Wrong. Everybody on campus seems to be at the library, getting ready to get down to the exam crunch.

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving break! I was lucky enough to spend my Thanksgiving with my beautiful family and catch up with my sister and a couple of my close friends from high school.

It was certainly relaxing, but I'm glad to be back on the hill. It's been a great couple of days! The other day, it was amazingly beautiful -- in the 60s! I went on a long walk with one of my friends, Hailey, in the Glen. The Glen is a great place to talk or just look at the beautiful scenery and decompress from any stress you might have. Then, yesterday, I recorded a song with one of my great friends, Liam. He's an awesome musician, and I was so excited to be able to sing a couple of tracks with him! I also got to hang out with my friend George and go to the applied music concert with him. There are so many talented musicians here, and it's amazing to get to see them perform.

I also signed up for classes next semester! I'm taking Jazz Dance, Intaglio Printmaking, Ocean Science, Africana Studies, Art History, and saxophone lessons. I'm going to talk to my advisor about the possibility of being an Art/Dance combined major, which I'm also stoked about. And, because I'm a couple credits ahead, I have been considering the option of taking a semester off to travel, possibly in South America, or just across the US. There are so many options and opportunities to explore, and I'm incredibly excited about them.

I've also just been so happy to meet some crazy beautiful people here, and I'm incredibly lucky to have met them and gotten to know them.