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Racing Against Time

October 25, 2012   

I don’t know how, but this week suddenly became very busy.  Tonight, I am racing against the clock, frantically pounding away at my keyboard as the minutes slip on by….  And I still have to read a chapter in my economics textbook.  This week started so nicely—I lingered at dinner Monday night, watched some movies; where did all this come from?

Well, the first answer is obvious—midterms.  We are just about halfway through the semester and the exams have been rolling in.  Calculus was the test up this week.  For two days prior, I buried myself in the text book loaded with practice problems.  I took countless derivatives—an action I could not define one month ago.  So I spent many hours reinforcing and patching the still shaky concepts in my head.

On top of this, Cross Country has entered its championship season.  A lot of focus has been put into exactly planning each workout, to eliminate injuries, minimize stress and keep the team sharp.  These are the biggest races of the season, and they command much attention.

This week also brought the final presidential debate—but I’ve talked about this distraction before.

In short, I saved most of my big work for Thursday night, tonight.  I thus far completed a problem set, researched and wrote a news story, read a chapter of my psychology textbook, went to debate practice, and still ran 10 miles this afternoon.  I call that a solid day.

My schedule has a tendency to periodically overflow.  I look at the list of requirements set for my night— whether social, academic or otherwise.  Hours of commitments eat into the day; hours of lectures and practices I need to attend, pushing my work later and later.  In high school, many of my friends would stay up to the early hours just trying to finish their work.

I’ve never reached that level; I thrill on the requirements of over commitment.  Priorities become clearer; time is used to its highest efficiency; I still need to be in bed before 11, to get up to run at 6:30. So I keep working. I refuse to lose in the race against time.