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Just a typical Sunday

February 7, 2011    I went to see a hockey match on Sunday. It was a home game and Hamilton was playing Bowdoin –who apparently is number one in the league. We were winning   3-2 when I got there. But in the last minute, they scored. It was devastating. Then again, looking at it from an optimistic point of view, we are the best. Because if Bowdoin was the best and we’re equal to them, then we’re the best too, right? Shout outs to all my hockey-playing advisees.

Later that day, after doing some homework, I went to usher for the Spring Musical.

Every year, Hamilton’s choir puts on a musical early in the spring semester. This year the production is “Grand Hotel”. I was ushering the event, therefore I saw the performance on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The musical follows the lives of about five different characters who visit Berlin’s Grand Hotel in 1928. The musical was fantastic. Every night I’d find something new to it. Most (if not all) of the main characters are in the a cappella group Duelly Noted. They all stole the show.

I also had an RA meeting and Student Assembly interviews to coordinate. We were interviewing Class of 2013 students to become Class Representatives. After finishing, we had the arduous task of deciding who we wanted in the assembly.

I then had to run to Dunham to help out with a program that we were organizing for the Super Bowl halftime with other Dunham RA’s. Luckily, Hamiltones rehearsal was cancelled, which gave me some more time to do homework.

Whoever said Sunday is the day of rest, doesn’t go to Hamilton.