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Hamilton College Takes Care of its Own

March 1, 2007   I rarely use my journaling privileges to thank people, but today’s entry will be an exception.
    Last night I woke up feeling incredibly sick.  My head throbbed, my stomach churned, and I barely had the strength to make it to the bathroom.  I am the victim of a nasty twenty-four hour flu that seems to have infected “half the county,” according to a resident M.D. at St. Luke’s hospital.  I can’t describe how awful I felt except to say that from 9 PM last night to 7:30 AM this morning, I was partying at both ends.  Feeling the effects of dehydration setting in, I tried to force fluids but was not successful at keeping them down for very long.  At around four in the morning, I decided that I needed an IV.   
    Here’s where I get to show my gratitude.  Almost as soon as I called the campus emergency line the EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) showed up at my door.  I don’t know how they managed to get to my room so quickly.  They were very understanding, efficient, and patient; I’m not very good at being ill and they dealt with me superbly.  In the blink of an eye, the EMTs took my vitals, arranged for a cab to drive me to the hospital (free of charge), and wished me luck. 
Last night wasn’t my first encounter with the EMTs—they fixed me up last year when I broke my leg in a rugby game.  The job of an EMT isn’t glamorous but it sure is necessary.  So, EMTs, thank you for doing your job so well.  Your fellow students would be in really rough shape without you.