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IM Playoff Weekend

May 4, 2009   My spring tennis season was over, and for the first time since spring break, I was at Hamilton for a full weekend.  Needing a break from my exhausting workload, I decided to devote the weekend to intramural sports competition.  Although I had not been able to play with my softball, volleyball, or soccer teams for the entire season due to tennis, I was glad to rejoin the crews just in time for playoffs.  A lot of people are involved in the (coed) IM sports at Hamilton because it is a great way to get some good athletic competition, but also a great way to relax among friends.  Intensity of the games varies depending on the sport and league (most sports have "A" or "B" leagues based on skill level), but one thing I've noticed about IM at Hamilton is that, no matter the intensity or high stakes of a game, everyone maintains the upmost respect for one another and realizes it's all in good fun.

The first playoff was for "B" league softball.  Softball is the only IM sport I play that I actually played in high school (although here it's slowpitch), so I always enjoy the opportunity to put on my glove again.  Unfortunately, our playoff run ended in the semifinals--possibly in part to my novice pitching abilities.  However, I redeemed myself in the beach volleyball games.  The main core of our volleyball team has been together since the beginning of our freshman year, and have consistently improved our individual games and our teamwork since then.  Together, we had already amassed three IM championships, and on Sunday we were set on adding a fourth (haha, get it..."set"?)

We won our first two games without the aid of our team captain.  However, he arrived just in time for the championship--a game which proved to be an epic match-up of two teams hungry for free t-shirts.  The match went the full five games, with plenty of spikes, dives, and laughs along the way.  The last game was a nail-biter, with the score constantly going back and forth.  Finally, after fending off a match point, we pulled through with the victory and took the beach volleyball crown!

My IM soccer final did not go as well as the volleyball final.  To be honest, I'm not so big on soccer, but I'm often asked to play to meet the requirements (two girls need to play for a team in "B" league), and I enjoy most any sport when in the company of friends (except for golf--I hate golf).  The soccer final itself was a bit frustrating (the other team kept scoring when they weren't supposed to!), but we kept the score close and played with positive spirits until the very end.  Even though my last playoff game of  ended in defeat, I'd say one championship and one second-place finish is not so bad for a weekend's work.  And there's always next fall...