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My First Completed Draft

April 2, 2008   In my last thesis update I had successfully finished the first six pages of my rough draft; six pages that only hinted at some sort of epic grandeur to come. If you've been wondering why I never updated again, well, it's because I was far too busy completing my first draft.


Can I say that again?

I finished the first draft of my thesis.

32 1/2 pages worth of solid gold at my fingertips. Terrified that nothing short of a freak nuclear, electro-magnetic pulse will occur, deleting the entirety of Hamilton's server and most likely the rest of the Internet as well, I have responsibly backed up my thesis on my personal laptop and external hard drive, the Hamilton student storage server, a pocketable flash drive, and in my Hamilton, Gmail, and Hotmail email accounts, not to mention several hard copies stashed around my room and one buried in Minor Field.

Granted, in the event of a nuclear, electro-magnetic pulse I might have bigger problems than a lost thesis draft, but I'm still assuming the unnecessary distrust of all things digital most commonly found in people born before 1950. Better safe than rewriting.