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Dinner with Mr. President

May 5, 2009   As mentioned a few entries back, my life as of late has been consumed by events solely dedicated to seniors and their four well-spent years at Hamilton. Such constant gatherings are warmly welcomed by seniors, who want nothing more than another opportunity to meet with their close friends and reminisce. One Hamilton tradition in particular stands out as my favorite thus far…dinner at the President’s house.

Faculty members and senior concentrators in every foreign language at Hamilton (and I assure you there are PLENTY) along with majors in theatre all got together last Thursday to celebrate four years of dedication to our areas of expertise. For me this dinner presented a bit of difficulty, as I found myself maneuvering between departments. As a Chinese and Spanish double major, I would chat in Chinese one minute, turn around, grab an hors’d’oeuvres and stumble upon a conversation in Spanish with my thesis advisor.

Language obstacles aside, the dinner was a fantastic opportunity to meet with faculty who have not only provided me with great knowledge throughout my four years at Hamilton, but also nurtured and encouraged me to become who I am today. When you visit colleges, go on tours, and hear information sessions about what a vital part faculty play in your college experience…they are not kidding. I couldn’t help but think my entire Hamilton experience was summed up in that room. Over by the fireplace was the professor who introduced me to Don Quijote…a book that has since become one of my most treasured. Over by the window was my favorite Chinese professor, who encouraged me to keep studying the language despite my sincere frustrations and major setbacks. Over chatting with other students was my favorite professor, who encouraged me to think beyond the box (a very difficult task for someone like me).

So this is starting to sound a bit sappy and sentimental…I apologize…but sometimes there’s just no other way to express my sincere appreciation for my Hamilton experience. My only hope is that y’all get the opportunity to experience it as well.