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March 29, 2013   

Dear new journal buddies!

CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the single-greatest place in the English-speaking, snow-covered world!!! LET THE 4 MOST UNFORGETTABLY AWESOME YEARS OF YOUR LIFE BEGIN!

Everyone on the hill is super excited to welcome you all in the class of 2017 to our fondest 13323!
I remember the time I got my acceptance notification on myHamilton two years ago. Being on the other side of the world then, it was 4:30 in the morning, and while the world snored, I was screaming and shrieking in pitches I didn’t know I could hit. So I've pondered how much has happened between then and now, and how much Hamiton has managed to give me in the 2 short years that I’ve been here.

Then, I was shyly making my way through a new culture. Now, I’m a peer-mentor helping freshmen.

Then, I was a prospective psych major switching to creative writing. Now I’m a declared theater major, designing my own major in film.

Then, I could speak 23 phrases of French, most of which were about coffee. Now, just two weeks ago, I spoke to a woman from Montreal in French for a four hour bus trip.

Then, I was meeting with Heather Wixson at the Career Center about careers in fashion. Now, I’m meeting with alums about careers in film. 

Then, I couldn’t stand mashed potatoes. Now, I’m every potato’s worst nightmare. 

Then, I shyly sang in the showers. Now, I’m writing musicals.

Then, I was confused and scared. Now, I’m gay and proud.

I guess, then, I was a boy with a multitude of questions. Now, I’m a man with a few answers.

So from the mid-point of my sojourn to the start of yours, I can tell you one thing when you think of the College on the Hill over the next few weeks. You’ll never have laughed so loud, cried so hard, loved so real, smiled so wide and learned so much. Welcome to the ride of your life, 2017. WELCOME… TO HAMILTON COLLEGE!

Email me if you have any questions. I’d love to talk to you all!