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Major News

February 12, 2011   Well it's official, I'm double majoring in government and American studies. I'm pretty excited about that, too. I came here knowing I wanted to major in government, so that's been a long time coming, but my American Studies decision came early on last semester. Because American studies is interdisciplinary, I wasn't exactly sure what classes would count toward it, but when I sat down with the head of the department, I found out that five of my classes counted! It seemed like a no-brainer for me: I get to take English classes, history classes and basically any other class that has something to do with America. It's nice not to have a repetitive major — every class is completely different.

But don't get me wrong, I love my government classes, too. I'm only taking one this semester, but it's really cool. We're designing a national survey on people's attitudes on immigration, race and ethnicity. Our focus on seeing what young people think about these things, specifically, is going to be really interesting to see. Thursday we had a phone conference with the author of one of the books we read in preparation where I got to discuss some of the question's I've written for the survey. Sunday night we're getting together to hammer out the final wording of the questions, and on Tuesday we're sending it out. It's pretty cool to be involved in something this wide-spread as a sophomore. When I entered the class, I wasn't even officially a government major yet! If things keep up like this, it's going to be an exciting two more years.