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I Know Snow

February 27, 2010   

For those of you who have never experienced the charms of Upstate New York weather, you're in for a treat if you come to Hamilton. I can guarantee that there will be days when the cold will wear you out, but there will be also be AWESOME days - for example, yesterday! A blizzard struck Hamilton on Thursday night, and although it was only marginally close to what I've been through back home in the 716, I will admit that Hamilton weathered a pretty rough storm this weekend. As a result, classes were delayed on Friday and some were even cancelled. Lauren, Julia and I celebrated by stopping at the diner to get grilled cheese and milkshakes (yum!).

Because Proust is currently in possession of my soul, I was planning on reading for much of the afternoon after our trip to the diner. But then Kate and I got a phone call from Amanda demanding that we come outside with her to build a snow fort with some other friends. We eagerly abandoned our study plans and headed over to Milbank. 

The snow was so deep that walls of it literally enveloped us as we (ahhh the lights just went out where I am working in KJ! if you don't move for a while, the lights automatically turn off to conserve energy) ... trudged past students building snowmen. Dean of Students Nancy Thompson had sent out an all-campus e-mail earlier in the day challenging all of us to assemble our friends and make snowpeople. The winning group gets free pizza!

Our snow fort project evolved into something completely different. Kate, Amanda, Clare, Hanna, Kristen, Julia, Andrea, Kylie and I decided that instead of a measly fort, we were going to construct a STEGASAURUS! It took a while, but we accomplished our goal and it looked amazing. We even dug a little cave in his stomach with a capacity of about four people! We were really proud of it and took a lot of pictures - I will try to post one soon! We begged one of the DU guys who live in Milbank not to let his friends knock it down, so I think our little buddy is safe. Meanwhile, all across campus students were sculpting snow woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, dogs and other assorted snowbeings. The campus looked beautiful, and everyone was having a great time. Tomorrow, my dorm is going to make a Mufasa snowlion (best idea in the world - thanks Kate!). If the judges of this contest don't pick one of these two snowcreatures, they're just complete lunatics. 

For dinner, Kate and I went with Lauren to Hillel even though we're not Jewish. Lauren is Jewish though, and she likes to invite us to these things because it's fun and it exposes us to new people and cultures. It was pretty cool that we were so warmly welcomed. 

Anyway, all of the snow here is reminding me of home sweet home. I am always proud when I tell my friends here about Buffalo and our crazy weather (even though it's not that different over here), but I am even more proud when I go home and tell my friends there about all of the fun things I do at Hamilton.