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I <3 IMF

November 22, 2006   

Last Friday marked the last “big” Independent Music Fund show of the semester — I say “big” and not big, because a) we might have a small show of on-campus acts, and b) it wasn’t all that big, really.

The I in IMF stands for Independent, but it could just as easily mean Intimate. Last Friday was a classic example; due to the plethora of other events going on, the turnout was unfortunately small for Jamie Lidell and Snax, two funk-soul-skinny-white-guys-disco-dance-techno-trance-electronica acts. Really, there’s no way to describe the music, other than fun. Unfortunately, only a handful of people were there to experience it, and while this reflects poorly on the draw of the IMF, it was actually one of the better aspects of the show. Jamie Lidell asked, during one of the brief between-song reprieves in his set, whether anyone had been to Berlin, and I shouted “YES,” before realizing I didn’t need to shout because he was ten feet away from me. Far different from screaming “I’m from Oklahoma!” at the New York State Fair when the Flaming Lips were playing, half-a-mile away from my seat. Snax, not satisfied with our dancing, actually stepped off the stage, bringing his mic with him into the audience. I snapped a photo of him sitting on stage with one of my neighbors, who, incidentally, is a fraternity brother.

Of course, I have a further level of experience when it comes to IMF shows, since I’m a member. Whether it’s watching Band of Horses skateboard around the Annex during sound-check, or comparing heights with the 6 foot 8 lead singer of The Walkmen, being on the inside of IMF events has provided me with plenty of experiences I wouldn’t have otherwise had. This time, we couldn’t figure out how to get the coffee maker in the Annex to work, so I told Snax I’d pop over to my room and bring him my own, which I did. This show also marked one of the more apparent incidents of student/artist connection, since one of our own members began the night, appearing right alongside the headliners; not only on the stage, but on the flier, which I made. On Microsoft Word. With lots of goofy fonts.

I’ve got a very, very good feeling about next semester’s shows — not only watching them, but being involved in them. There’s that much more to enjoy when you know you’ve helped somehow — like baking muffins versus just eating them. With butter. Or cream cheese. Whichever you prefer.