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A Place of Opportunities!

February 17, 2011   

Hamilton is a place of opportunities. Who would expect a little school in the heart of New York to be so proactive, engaging and effective? I remember when I had just been accepted to Hamilton and I was still in Argentina. I remember that no one in Argentina had ever heard of Hamilton. I reassured myself by thinking: “It will be fine, Nico. When you get to New York, people will know about it.” Turns out, many people don’t. The people who do know about Hamilton know that it’s a well-established college with very strong academics, however; it isn’t very well known. Imagine how I was feeling! I couldn’t stop thinking: “What have I gotten myself into? What is this little place I’m going to?”

Driving up the Hill, and seeing overly enthusiastic Orientation Leaders scream their heads off was very intimidating. I was terrified. Nevertheless, I was a quite glad that this place not only had many enthusiastic and flamboyant OL leaders, but also actually existed.

Now that I’ve confirmed that it exists, it’s time to make the most of it. I’m interested in working in the movie industry. For a student interested in filmmaking, upstate New York is probably not the most movie-making-friendly place. But still, Hamilton finds ways to accommodate my cinema needs.

David Gruban is a 10-time Emmy-award-winning documentary filmmaker and Hamilton alumnus. A few weeks ago, he came to Hamilton College to present his last documentary, ‘Buddha’. I re-organized my busy schedule to get to see him, and I’m really glad I did. This is a man who is in the documentary industry and doing very well in it. He talked about how he gets interested in different projects and how he starts doing research for them. Once the lecture was over, I went over to talk to him and had a really nice conversation. Information was exchanged and there might be a summer internship along the way.

So, to all those who don’t know much about Hamilton: know that it exists and it’s full of opportunities!