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Roommate Bonding

November 5, 2012   

What is better than getting a chance to spend some quality time with your friends who just so happen to be your roommates?  Nothing much, in my opinion!  I’ve been fortunate enough to have great roommates these past two years and this semester is no different.  I live in a quad in South with my friends Katie, Alana, and Bethany.  On Friday night, we decided to ditch Commons and go out for dinner at Panera.

It was one of our first times all semester getting to spend some quality time together.  We’re always so busy that it’s rare that we’re all in the room at the same time, except for when we go to sleep.  So, I thought of the idea of enjoying a meal with just the four of us.  We decided to go off campus because it's that time of the semester when the food seems to get a little repetitive.  Plus, it’s more of an adventure than just going to the dining hall!  So, we all piled in to Alana’s car and drove to New Hartford, which is the next town over.  It was great to get to spend time with my roommates.  Mostly, we caught up on each other’s gossip and talked about things happening on campus.  When we got back to campus, Alana and Bethany had to go their separate ways, but Katie and I spent the night eating cookie dough, half-priced leftover Halloween Candy, and watching classic Disney Channel Original Movies (Xenon, Girl of the 21st Century was my favorite!).

Now, you might be wondering what it's like to share a room with three other girls.  Back in my freshman year, I really didn't want to live in a quad.  I thought that it would be too much to handle.  However, I've really been enjoying it!  What’s great about South is that we get our own bathroom and common room.  The common room is awesome- it’s really spacious and it’s great to have this space to host people that's separate from where we sleep.  Also, we can go to bed in the bunk room (a tiny room where all four of our beds are located- bunked!) while others stay up doing work.  Having our own bathroom has been great as well.  Although we do have to clean it ourselves, it’s very convenient to be able to keep all of my toiletries right in the bathroom without having to bring them back and forth.  But the best part is I don’t have to run into anyone first thing in the morning when I still have bed head and my retainer in! 

Additionally, I really like living in South.  There's a lot of charm to this dorm - there are fireplaces in each room (which are no longer in use), wood floors, and a stone façade that brings out the beauty of this old building.  Also, it’s really centrally located, right across from Commons dining hall and a quick walk from the Science Center and library (where I spend a lot of my time).  I’m so glad to be able to live here this year with some great people!