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February 13, 2008   Just a quick note to celebrate tonight's double victory in both the Intramural Indoor Soccer finals and the Intramural Basketball finals! The soccer game was at 9 p.m., and we won (4-1) against a team of Delta Phi boys. The basketball game immediately followed. We played a team of freshmen boys, who I imagined might be in better shape than our team of veteran seniors. However, we finished the game with 52 points to their 35. As champs, we all receive t-shirts that proudly display our status as "IM champs."

Winning both games back to back was great, and we actually had an undefeated season in both sports.  But don't forget, Reader, that there's still the spring season of IM Sports. This time, I think we'll be playing soccer and softball. Wish us luck!