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HEAT + Mr. Hamilton

February 7, 2013   

Since this weekend has been a blur of work and HEAT practice, I decided to talk about HEAT instead of the classwork (you're welcome).  Perhaps I explained this in past entries, but HEAT is Hamilton's only hip-hop dance group. I was a member my freshman year and had to quit due to other conflicts. But this year I tried out again, and I'm back on!

We have two-hour practices twice a week, which is a bigger time commitment than people seem to think. I knew the four captains from when I was on the team freshman year, but almost everyone else is new to me - but also all awesome, so that's okay! For the record - I have ZERO past dance experience. That is, I've never taken dance lessons. But as long as you have rhythm and can copy someone else's movements, that is really all there is to it.

Which, on a side note, is a great aspect of Hamilton. I had the realization yesterday that if I had gone to a big southern state school like the rest of my high school classmates (I'm from Kentucky, FYI!) there is no way I would have been able to make a dance team. And besides, it would have been a huge time commitment and taken away from everything else I want to do. This way, it's more relaxed. Although it still requires some effort and dedication, it's mainly just a whole lotta fun!

We have all spent the week learning our new dance to "Scream and Shout" by Britney and Will.I.Am., because our first performance of the semester is this coming Monday at Mr. Hamilton! Mr. Hamilton is a hilarious charity event put on by the Social Traditions Committees. It is beauty pageant for males, and student organizations can elect one guy to represent them. We have a Mr. HEAT, along with Mr. Student Assembly, and Mr. Golf…you get the idea. I'm excited to see it, but pretty nervous about the performance! We'll see if I can remember the moves once I'm onstage...