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Socks and Spring Break

March 4, 2011   I finally won something in a lottery, and even though it wasn't a Clinton pottery mug, it's still rather exciting.

I always put my name in raffles and those sorts of things and I never win anything. I’m still hoping that one day before I graduate my ticket stub number will be called during a lottery at a CAB Acoustic Coffeehouse and I can return to my dorm with a Clinton pottery mug. I keep my fingers crossed but it always happens that my ticket stub number is off by one number.

Anyway, Monday evening I went to hear Andrew Skurka, a well-known adventurer, speak about his recent 6-month, 4,700 mile loop through the Alaska-Yukon wilderness. He skied, hiked, and pack rafted and captured some of the most breathtaking scenery on film. Skurka spoke about all different aspects of his trip. He touched on the amount of time and effort that went in to planning his expedition, his encounters with bears, how he acquired his maps, etc. I liked that he didn’t overlook the emotional aspect of the trip and acknowledged his mental exhaustion at some points.

If you want to read more about his trip, National Geographic Magazine covered it in its March 2011 edition. I was kind of bummed that I missed the lightweight skills clinic that he did in the Glen House earlier on Monday. Thank you class.

But now back to this sock business. At the talk Monday night, there was a raffle. And with extraordinarily low expectations, I placed my name in the bear canister. And low and behold, my name was called and I returned to my seat with a brand new pair of wool socks. And it just made my evening a little bit better.

I apologize for writing so few journal entries recently. It’s a busy time here on the Hill as midterms are upon us. Which means lots of papers and exams for pretty much everyone. But on the upside, that means spring break is soon. I reserved my spot on the shuttle to the airport today (I really love that they offer an option for transportation to the airport…it makes life so much easier). And I’ve bought my tickets to Phoenix, AZ for my HOC spring break trip! Because our permit to hike in the Grand Canyon was denied (sad face), we’re not going to the Grand Canyon.

Instead we are going to Superstition Wilderness (super big happy face!). From what I’ve seen from the image search I did on Google, this place looks absolutely gorgeous and I am jumping up and down with excitement. I’ll be sure to post some pictures from the trip with the journal entry where I tell you all about it.