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Winter Olympic Fever

February 28, 2010   I freakin' love winter, and I freakin' love the Olympics.  The games in Vancouver marked my first and only Olympics while living at Hamilton, and I was so pumped to get my quadrennial fix of figure skating, short track speedskating, and ski jumping.  My course load for the two-week period was unusually light, and the TV in our suite was at long last fully functional.  In short, I was actually able to watch a good amount of Olympic action, and I was not disappointed. 

But my Olympic experience extended beyond simply being glued to the TV.  The theme for Hamilton's annual FebFest coincided with the games and was Olympic-themed.  The week long celebration included activities like broomball, chocolate and wine tasting, and a "Mr. Hamilton" competition.  Watching speedskating got me all nostalgic for my years as a speedskater back home, which finally propelled me to go skate around at Sage Rink for the first time.  I also went to Trivia night, which featured questions about the Olympics (quick, who was the only president to be in office for two Olympic games on US soil?)

Hands down, my favorite part of the Olympics this year was the emergence of curling as the world's new most-beloved sport (okay, maybe not the most-beloved sport, but at least people thought curling was kind-of interesting for once).  The Hamilton curling team's trip to a bonspiel (tournament) in Boston was during the peak of the Olympic curling action.  Unfortunately, our team did our best US men's and women's team impression by not doing very well in competition (though we did fair better than last place). 

I'm a little bummed the Winter Olympics won't be back for another 4 years.  No more moguls, no more triple axels, no more being on the same flight home as the US women's hockey team (yes, that actually happened to me over break).  Just memories of some pretty cool moments and attempted reenactments of triple take-outs at the Utica curling club.