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Hamilton College Choir

April 10, 2010   The Hamilton College Choir and College Hill Singers often go on tour during spring break. Last night, I went to a performance in Wellin that highlighted some of the selections from their many stops throughout the Northeast, including Boston, Philadelphia and New York City. The music was really excellent — I was so impressed at what mere college students could do, especially collectively. The voices were in tune and expressive, and at times I really thought that I was listening to professionals.

The concert included a variety of pieces, from traditional spirituals to Renaissance prayers to more contemporary love songs. I'm not really a sucker for choral music. I'm more of an instrumental girl. But when the Hamilton College Choir sang "Her Sacred Spirit Soars" by Eric Whitacre, I was almost moved to tears. It was a really powerful piece and definitely serves as a testament to what amazing things students at a small school — with top-notch instruction — can do. If you are at all interested in the arts, I would encourage you to attend some sort of performance at Hamilton to get a feel for the many opportunities you can have here. Even if you're not musically inclined, it's always relaxing to go to a concert on a Friday or Saturday night after a long week.