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How was your Break?

January 27, 2009   It’s the question heard round campus…passing from one student to the next. After nearly five weeks of total campus separation, students are anxious to get back to their dorms, buy new textbooks, start classes, and catch up with friends. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that students have families, friends and lives off of The Hill. When one’s life becomes consumed with the activities and happenings on campus, it’s hard to detach and acclimate to life back home. Not to mention the independence you often feel on campus seems slightly clipped back when returning home and realizing parents are around again. So for the sake of answering the “How was your break?” question once and for all, I’m going to give you all a brief overview…

Texas Exploration 101
Since I had only really spent a week in my new home, I felt it was time to give Texas a try…road trip style. I hopped in the car with a friend and we went to a great BBQ restaurant about three hours away in the hill country (aka middle of nowhere). The whole idea was pretty novel to me, for I had never seen so many trucks or smelt such wonderful BBQ. To say I left satisfied would definitely be an understatement. I could certainly detail the rest of the trip…writing about Austin, Luckenbach, or the gorgeous landscape…but we all know food is the most important.

Small Hop to Little Rock
I then hopped a plane after Christmas and went to visit a friend in Little Rock. We have known each other since 5th Grade and I was anxious to catch up. We did the typical things old friends do: cozied up with some Ben and Jerry’s, watched some chick flicks, drank LOTS of hot beverages, and chatted.

Hamilton Alum!
During the break I also had the opportunity to meet with two Hamilton alumnae in Dallas. I had sent them emails a couple of weeks before asking if they would be willing to share their experiences in the working world. To my surprise, both got back to me within 24 hours! It was wonderful to get together and chat about Hamilton, life after college, and how Hamilton has helped them.

Watched some GREAT TV
Alright guys, I’m not going to lie…I watched a decent amount of television over break. I never have the chance to watch TV during the semester...so I saw these five weeks as an opportunity to catch up. Although I won’t share what shows I actually spent precious time watching, I can assure you they were mindless, hilarious, and totally not worth my time.