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Food Talk

February 7, 2011   I'm just going be really up front about this: I love food. So when I was invited to participate in a focus group for Bon Appetit, the company that provides our food services on campus, I jumped all over it. It was a pretty cool gig, too. They set 10 of us up in a room with macaroons, coffee and water, and basically just asked us to propose ideas for making the dining experience at Hamilton better. We talked about everything from renovating the dining halls to increasing the amount of food we get from local farmers and everything in between. I thought it was a really cool way for the people who play such an important role in the Hamilton community to reach out to the students. They've been doing a lot to work on improving our eating experience lately, and they seem to be really interested in implementing some of our ideas. Can't complain about that! Now if I could just get a personal chef in my room ...

And hey! Last night was the Super Bowl, so of course there was food involved there, too. We had a Super Bowl fiesta in my RA's room to watch the game and celebrate two of my friends' birthdays. By the way, what was up with the musical performances?! Awful! But hey, the Packers won, so all is well with the world. Okay, well if you'll excuse me, I've been talking about food for a few hours now. I think it's time I get myself some! Peace!