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April 5, 2012   

Since returning from spring break, I’ve noticed a few trends taking hold at Hamilton.


Denim shirts: It’s actually shocking how viral these have gone. Last year, people mocked my XL men’s denim button-down for its boxy shape and wrote it off as dowdy. Now, I can’t wear it on any given day without running into a handful of kindred denim tops. Most of the time, I see people wearing their button-downs with black leggings, but I’m particularly into pairing denim items; once seen as a faux pas of epic proportions, magazines like Vogue are now plugging this look. Snag a denim button-down from your dad’s closet, or stop into your nearest Urban Outfitters to buy one.


Smoking loafers: In some ways, this is more of a personal-wish-list thing than a full-blown trend, but I have definitely seen an increased presence of this shoe style on campus. Flats can be hard to get exactly right. When they’re even slightly uncomfortable, they’re un-wearable—worse than a pair of stilettos—and it’s very easy to buy a bad pair. J. Crew’s most recent ad campaign has advanced the notion that their flats are collectable, and with good reason. They are impeccably designed and crafted from the finest Italian leather. While the advertisements feature ballet flats, J. Crew also makes a smoking loafer, called the Darby. Smoking loafers have a borrowed-from-the-boys feel that ballet flats simply don’t give off, and as a reasonably tomboyish dresser, I value that in a shoe.


Sunglasses: With the mild winter we experienced this year on the Hill, sunglasses weren’t necessary to offset snowy glare. But as spring nears, sunglasses can be seen all over campus. I can’t identify a unified style, but some popular looks are aviators, Ray-Ban Clubmasters and dramatic, round frames, like these by Tom Ford. Find the pair that best suits you.


Florals: An outfit becomes instantly spring-y when flowers come into play. Floral dresses, skirts, tops and especially floral denim are huge this season. Last summer, I was at an H&M in New York City with a few friends from school. Most of us left the store empty handed, or with purchases that didn’t thrill us, but my friend Emma walked out with a gem: cream colored jeans with a pink floral print. She bought them simply because they caught her eye—little did she know they’d be among the most coveted items this season.