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March 21, 2012   

After traveling to Paris over Winter Break, I figured Spring Break could only pale in comparison. I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere tropical, as many vacationers do this time of year. I didn’t expect to be doing much of anything, really, except sleeping in and reading at home. That is, until I found out that Hamilton’s student publications were invited to a college media conference in New York City.


For three nights, I got to stay at the Sheraton New York in midtown Manhattan with two of my best friends.  We attended a number of lectures that covered topics such as designing page layouts, writing better leads and branding ourselves in the hyper-competitive journalism job market.


The biggest lesson I took away from the conference was to take risks. Blow photos up to life-size proportions. Run very little copy on the front page. Modernize the masthead. The tips that speakers gave at the conference were useful not only for The Spectator but any writing or creative projects I might pursue in the future.


In addition to learning a lot about journalism, we ate a ton of amazing food. Our hotel was dangerously close to Hell’s Kitchen, and of course, we didn’t even try to resist the area’s fantastic restaurants. Our favorites were: Uncle Nick’sEmpanada Mama and Basilica. The best part: When we go back to school, Hamilton Student Activities will reimburse us for all of our dining receipts.


The conference was a great way to spice up what would have been an otherwise boring break. Plus, I still got to do a lot of the things I would have been doing at home while I was in the city. The weather was so lovely that my friends and I went into Central Park to sunbathe and read two days in a row. I finished two books and soaked up a ton of Vitamin D.