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Woohoo, Class of 2014!

March 26, 2010   So admission decisions were posted online today for the class of 2014.  That's kind-of scary... I mean, back in the old days, we got our admission decisions through old-fashion mail.  At least that way you could tell if you were accepted or not simply by the size of the envelope you received... I can only imagine the anxiety of waiting until the specified time to click on the link that may just determine your fate for the next four years...

But, panic attacks aside, congrats to all the accepted students!!  It really is a big deal, and something to be very proud of.  To all those early-decisioners, I guess it's no stress for the rest of the year—just dreams of Hamilton and sunshine.  Regular decision people, the nerve-racking part of the process has just ended, and for some, the extremely tough decision part of the process is about to begin.  The good news is that you're practically rock superstars to everyone at Hamilton—so soak in the love.  

I went down to the wire on my decision between two schools, and unlike what some people experience, I never got that "gut feeling" that led me to choose Hamilton.  Instead, it was more of a gradual conclusion—come May, going to Hamilton was to only logical thing to do (I celebrated my eventual decision by joining Facebook...I know, times have changed).  I couldn't visit campus again after I was accepted, so I relied on other ways to help me make my choice.  There are two things I distinctly remember that influenced my decision:  The first was that whenever I had a question about Hamilton, I emailed someone who could help.  I emailed the tennis coach, a neuroscience professor, and my tour guide--and got helpful replies within a day.  Sure, I was comforted by their answers, but was even more impressed how they conveyed their enthusiasm for Hamilton through their emails.  The second was all the random little things I learned about Hamilton that shouldn't actually be important: their favorable gender ratio, the students' affection for flip-flops, the unusually high number of campus rock bands...None of these things ended up being reasons for why I love Hamilton so much today, but sometimes it's necessary to have faith in those little random things...

So, congrats again, and good luck with that decision!

P.S. Come to Hamilton—we have a pig in a tri-cornered hat.