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A Hello of Sorts

October 11, 2010   Hey everyone. I guess I should start this off by introducing myself. My name is Ryan Karerat, and I’m going to be documenting my life on the Hill for your viewing and reading pleasure for the next couple of months. I’m a junior who grew up in Gaithersburg, Md., before moving to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, when I was 9. My dad still lives there, but I went to boarding school in Middletown, Del. Oh, and my mom lives in New Delhi, India now. Confused? So am I. I came to Hamilton with a strong interest in political science and that hasn’t changed, which is why I’m majoring in world politics. As of now the plan is still to also minor in creative writing, but those sorts of plans can come and go, I suppose.

Next semester, provided of course I find an internship, I’ll be heading down to Washington, D.C. to take part in the Semester in Washington program that Hamilton runs, which I couldn’t be more excited about. As Professor Eismeier, who is leading our program, keeps reminding us, it’ll be nice to walk outside on a February day and not be greeted by the Central New York frost. Sure, it’s not Barcelona, but it’s the sort of change of pace that will be good for me.

On campus, I’m a DJ at Hamilton’s campus radio station. WHCL 88.7 FM. There are those who like to snicker at us who invest time in something that we can only assume several tens of people listen to, but I think that sort of misses the point of what makes the radio station great (which I’ll probably expand on in a later post, we’ll see how much material I’ve got for you guys). This semester I’m also the fiction editor for Red Weather, which is the student literary magazine. I work in the library at the circulation desk, which means I get to check books out for people and frequent the dusty confines of the 3rd floor shelving books with titles like Deaf People in Hitler’s Germany and Feminist Liberation in Medieval Liechtenstein. I also work as a Media Relations intern, where I attend lectures and write about them for the Hamilton  news site, which has been a neat way to learn more outside the classroom.

This past summer, I stayed on campus and worked in the Admissions Office as a tour guide. It was terrific getting to meet new people on a daily basis, and it was probably that experience that motivated me to start an online journal for our website. Even though I’m not giving many tours anymore, I think this is a neat way for me to stay connected with the whole process.

In my past life, or high school as it might more accurately be described, I was actually athletic. Okay, so I was a tennis player, which may or may not win me any athletic bonafides. But I was pretty good back then, and even won a state title (granted, it was Delaware) my junior year, doing what the New England Patriots couldn’t by finishing off a 19-0 season. As for things I like to do in my spare time… well, I suppose that’s part of what I’ll share with you guys in this journal. So if you’re ever feeling bored, or maybe interested in what life looks like for at least one Hamilton student, or interested in discerning the meaning of life, I’ll be here, dutifully plugging away. I’m off to go watch Mad Men, so I’ll catch you guys later.