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Hamilton Students Take Over the United Kingdom

April 3, 2013   

A two-week spring break is wonderful, but it also makes going back to class so much more difficult. I looked down at my to-do list at the end of classes on Monday and was shocked to discover that I had at least ten tasks listed. What's more, professors were already talking about final projects and the schedule for the last six weeks of the semester.

Wait just a minute, six weeks?!! Every year this time of year rolls around and I start thinking about how fast the semester has gone by - actually, how fast the year has gone by! It is such a shock coming back from break and not only having to go back to studying, but also realizing that you don't have much time left before the end of the semester. This year, it is a rather sad revelation since I know more seniors who will be graduating. It is also so much more shocking to think that next year I will be a senior.

Regardless, it's been great seeing everyone again and hearing spring break stories. The most common themes seemed to be Florida, and relaxing at home. And I just have to take a few lines to talk about my Scotland trip, because it was amazing! It was not the most relaxing of vacations, but I think I prefer that. I can only lay around for a few days, and then I start itching to get up and do something.

I even had a few completely random, unplanned run-ins with other Hamilton students while I was in the U.K. The first was in Dublin - my friend and I went to the Guinness Storehouse and were wandering through the exhibits when I saw none other than my freshman year roommate. I knew she was studying abroad in Oxford but had no idea she would be in Ireland that weekend, let alone the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin! I also met up with another Hamilton friend who happened to be in Dublin that weekend. She messaged me saying she wasin the city, after seeing a picture of my roommate and I together on Facebook. Which was, if not a completely random run-in, also a bit out of the blue. 

The third encounter was in Edinburgh. I was visiting a friend from home who is studying there, and decided to go to class with her. In hindsight, this was a mistake….I shouldn't have expected my attention span to last while on vacation anyway. But as I absent-mindedly gazed around the room, I saw none other than a friend who lived in my dorm last year. I had known she was abroad, but had no idea she was in Scotland. And there she was, sitting in my friend's class! She wouldn't look over in my direction, so I resorted to messaging her on Facebook (assuming she wasn't paying attention either). I knew that my guess was spot-on when she started looking around the room with an incredulous expression on her face. We made eye contact and started laughing right as the Professor happened to start talking about Nazi torture...whoops.

It was a great break, but now back to more work (and play). Little more than a month left of the spring semester!