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Spike Lee

April 18, 2011   

Being a Hamilton student opens many doors for you. For example, last week I met Spike Lee.

As a member of the Voices of Color Lecture Series (also known as VCLS) we had been working hard for months on end. After lots of meeting, organizing and rescheduling, on April 13th we finally got to meet the acclaimed director.

When we students go to lectures and speeches, we don’t normally see everything that goes on behind the scenes. We simply attend, ponder the issues addressed and leave. Little did I know that there is so much that goes on in the background that audiences have no idea about.

With a solid team backing her, Alexandria Dotson ’11 led us through the process of bringing Spike Lee to campus. There are so many things that need coordinating. Alex and our team were in charge of getting in touch with Mr. Lee; finding a date (which then needed rescheduling); getting the sponsors necessary; reserving the location; selling tickets and raffles; managing transportation; designing, printing and displaying posters; scheduling screenings and so many other things. There is so much more than meets the eye. Luckily, with everyone’s cooperation and support, we were able to work together to make the most of Spike Lee’s lecture.

On April 13th we greeted Mr. Lee in the Spencer House where we held a reception for him. After taking pictures with him, Alex Dotson and I rode with Mr. Lee to Wellin where we escorted him to his dressing room. After running around, finishing some Spike Lee-related errands, I made my way to my seat in the front row to sit back and enjoy.

Getting to meet Spike Lee and talk to him was an experience and opportunity that I would never have had, had I not participated in VCLS and attended Hamilton College.