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Buff and Blue

February 15, 2008   Buff and blue, are, of course, our colors.  The proud Continentals, with eyesight astute enough to distinguish buff from cream, oldlace, azure, and ivory, stand on the vanguard of color coordination.  However, fashion has never been my bag.  For me, the buff and blue of my heart will always be a pizza.

Introduced to me by Will and Maggie, who pioneered the delicate palate of the buffalo pizza fiend, buffalo pizza replaces tomato sauce with spicy buffalo sauce.  Then there's chicken and, in a brilliant move of color coordination, a side of bleu cheese. 

Much like the Super Pie I have written about in the past, buffalo pizza consumption has become a ritual impossible to translate for the outside observer.  It involves frantic late-night calls, code-words, and a mathematically affirmed plan for slice distribution.  It is school spirit on a pizza.