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Swedish Meatballs

March 31, 2012   

When Spring Break is here, the days take on a curious rhythm. The impulse to do anything -- to read, to do homework, to go for a walk -- is not tempered by the presence of people on the Hill. When everyone comes back, it can be somewhat jarring, just because you’re used to having the whole Hill to yourself.  Perhaps that’s selfish, but I think I’ve found a balance.

Sitting here on the first Saturday after Spring Break has ended doesn’t feel all that different from the freedom and relaxation I felt at the end of the break. Yes, I have a lot to do, but it will be done in its own due time. Time is mine to do with it what I want. I had been working quite diligently recently, so I had no guilt in taking time with my friends. We played frisbee and golf and the Olympic-status lawn sport of Swedish Meatballs -- one of the most entertaining games I've ever played that involves throwing small metal discs into three equally important holes. Kind of like curling on the lawn.

Hamilton can be a very soothing place, and its quiet nature and familiar tone can be conducive to doing work and then sharing a nice night with your friends. The two can be quite refreshing when paired, and having fun at night is all the more rewarding when the next day you feel motivated to make straight As and turn everything in on time.

Now I just need some coffee.

I’ll be heading to Soper Commons, the main dining hall on campus, fairly soon. The omelet line will be quite busy this morning, but all the food will feel fresh and welcoming to everyone’s empty stomach.