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Noontime dog walking on the hill

March 21, 2012   

77 degrees, sunny and warm, the air still and soundless. That’s the current state of the weather here on the Hill. As good as it feels to see and read how great it feels, it’s even better to go outside and experience the good weather. Spring Break offers plenty of time to do that.

By a stroke of luck, I checked the Hamilton community message boards, where people looking for rides or work can post a bulletin and pray it is seen, and I found a dog-walking job. The dog’s name is Hobbes, a golden retriever, and belongs to the wife of a professor. Hobbes and I promenade about the Hill, wandering into the glen or down the many well-tended avenues on Griffin Road and Stryker Lane. Today we hung out together in the Hamilton cemetery, where professors past are buried in eternal silence and in gratitude for their service to the school. Hobbes is a joy and has provided much-needed company during the break.

As the break wears on, the campus becomes busier. People have already started arriving back, it seems, and although the campus is mostly empty, there is no lack of people around. The community takes advantage of the beautiful campus. I see kids skateboarding, I see couples walking their babies in strollers or their dogs. Chance would have it that I bumped into one of my English professors while walking Hobbes. He was on his way to enjoy a swim. We had a nice chat under the friendly sun. It reminded me to start working on an essay rewrite for his class. 

I hope that everyone’s spring is starting with much merriment. Gone are the days of cold and snow.  As dearly as they will be missed, I’m ready for the budding growth of spring.