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I Get to Meet Al Gore

April 24, 2007   

Read the entry I wrote last year about the time Bill Clinton came here to speak if you want to get a sense of how crazy I am about famous democrats coming to this campus. I LOVE it.  I would feel so much better about the current state of things if either Gore or Clinton was president.  And since Clinton has had his two terms, I'm hoping that Gore will go for it again. I mean, he DID technically get the most votes, and he came back from that potentially devastating loss to do incredible things for the environment. He grew a beard and disappeared for a few months, and when he reemerged, he seemed to have completely gotten over "losing the election." I use "quotes" to illustrate my "disdain" for the "electoral process." Maybe when he and I are having our extremely personal one-on-one time I'll try to convince him to run again. He'll listen to me; we're really close.

In all seriousness, all that's going to happen is the other students who won the lotto and I will watch his speech from good seats and get to take a picture with him after. At least that's what I think will happen, but I'll correct myself in my next entry if I'm wrong. In any case, it's awesome and I definitely opened my email and screamed when I saw I had been picked. I never win ANYTHING, let alone the chance to meet someone I have always admired. This is a short entry, but it's getting REALLY hectic over here and I have to brush up on my global warming facts before Thursday, because god forbid I look uninformed in front of the former vice president.