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Living in Clinton, NY

May 3, 2011   

The village of Clinton is nestled in upstate New York, home to approximately 2,000 residents. The nearest airport is 45 minutes away. Yes, it may look like a small town in the middle of nowhere, but don’t let that fool you. Even though it seems like we’re ages away from anything and everything; we’re not! While all the activities on campus keep students here most weekends, it's nice to know that we're not far from city life if we need it.  In fact, I spent spent two of the last three weekends in Boston and in New York City.

On the weekend of April 16th, my a cappella group and I went to Boston to perform at Northeastern University. We left early Saturday morning and headed to the Boston area. The first stop we made was at Legal Seafood where we all indulged in delicious seafood. It was great to sing at another college, because we not only got to showcase our talent and hard work, but we also got to see how different other colleges are from ours. Northeastern had some solid a cappella groups, but we Hamiltones represented Hamilton very well. Obviously, I’m rather biased, but I think we honestly sounded pretty good. We all drove back on Sunday morning.

Last weekend I stayed on campus. One really fun activity that happened then was the 24-Hour Film Festival. It’s a pretty self-explanatory event: groups get 24 hours to write, cast, shoot and edit a short film. Lauren Zoltick ’11 was leading a team of her own and she asked me to play a part in her film. I’m glad I said ‘yes’, because it was really fun. You can see the short film on YouTube under “Federal UnderCover Campus Safety Unit“. Our team won 1st place, which was a nice reward for our hard work. Other people had fantastic pieces, too, ranging from hilarious documentaries to contemplative silent films.

This past weekend I went to New York City to meet up with my grandmother and cousin who were visiting from Argentina. My sister is currently a freshman at the New School and she joined us in our Big Apple adventure. As the only male among three teenage-spirited women (my grandmother is definitely still a teenager at heart), I was forced into the black hole of shopping –once they’re in it, there’s no going back. You can probably tell that I’m not the shopping type. After several hours in SoHo and Brooklyn involving life-changing decisions (“buy the pink or the blue blouse?”), we emerged and finished our Saturday by going to a quaint Italian restaurant for some great pasta. On Sunday, I met up with my wonderful friend, Genevieve, and we took a train back to Hamilton.

The Utica train station is only 15 minutes away. If you have a car, we’re around four hours away from New York City, Boston, Montreal and Toronto.

Maybe we aren’t near any buzzing metropolitan cities. Maybe our neighbors are mostly cows and deer. But we definitely aren’t in the middle of nowhere. My friends and I drove up to Montreal for our spring break and had a great time. It’s great to have the possibility to travel around the northeastern part of North America, while still having quiet, little Clinton to call home.