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Spring intramural sports are underway

April 24, 2007   

Like so many high school athletes, I just wasn’t ready to call it quits when I got to college. But I also didn’t really want to play on a varsity team. That’s just a little too intense. Fortunately, a happy medium exists: intramural sports. Hamilton has an incredible IM sports program. We have almost any sport you can imagine, such as soccer, football, golf, water polo, badminton, softball and a few others. And if you can’t find a sport that interests you, you can always start a new league and run it yourself.

During my freshman year at Hamilton, I played on many IM teams. In the fall, I played soccer; in the winter, basketball and indoor soccer; and, in the spring, softball, squash and soccer. This year I have taken it down a few notches due to the increased academic demands placed on sophomores. Last fall I played soccer, and this spring I am playing softball and soccer.

Now that the winter is finally over, the spring intramural season has begun. I had my first soccer game over the weekend. Unfortunately, the lackluster turnout for the game forced us to play with five-man teams. We had a blast though nonetheless. Everyone was just glad to be outside kicking the ball around.

This afternoon I had my first IM softball game. There are two leagues, A and B, and I play in the less competitive B League. It’s more fun. The game was hotly contested, but in the end my team, The Fighting Squirrels, ended up losing 9-10. It was a real heartbreaker, but we learned from the loss and are already looking toward our next game.