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Snapshot of a Typical Tuesday Night

November 24, 2009   

It’s 1:00 a.m. and I’m in KJ sitting on a big comfy couch chair at a table on the second floor balcony overlooking the atrium/big open study area/whatever you want to call it. I took a nap today after P.chem lab and woke up at around 10:30…so much for a regular sleep schedule, but sometimes you just have to go with it.

Once I arrive at KJ, the first thing I do is…check my facebook of course! Not that I’m expecting anything to have changed since the last time I logged on, I don’t do anything on it myself. But look, my friend Amma has tagged me in several photo--woo hoo! Now I have to look through the entire album of 120 photos.

I then take some time to stare at all the people downstairs, studying, socializing, reading, typing, talking…

45 minutes later and my Modern book is still open to the same page…ok, I really need to get to work now. A sugary snack will probably boost my brainpower, so first I decide to go to the vending machine. I see a package of Skittles and think that would be perfect, but it’s sitting behind a Butterfinger. Do I buy the stupid Butterfinger to get to the Skittles, or should I just go for the Twizzlers right next to it? I don’t even like Butterfinger, and I’m pretty annoyed it’s in my way. I opt for the Twizzlers, which I probably haven’t eaten since I was 5, but sounds oddly satisfying right now. 
All set to study…but what music should I listen to? I have been listening to the same 3 MGMT songs on repeat for a while (Time to Pretend, Kids, Electric Feel), it’s time for a change up.  I browse through my itunes, stop on John Mayer and the Rolling Stones, create a few unsatisfactory genius playlists, and decide on silence.

Shall I continue to tell you about the texts I now send to my friends asking them if they are up, studying and interested in walking to K.J., or do you get the picture?  I procrastinate!!! And it's baaaaad, bad, bad.

This was a night last week...thank God it's now Thanksgiving break (tell you all about that later)!

Be back soon with another entry, in the meantime give thanks and don't procrastinate.