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Slow Food

April 30, 2012   

Once a year, the Slow Food Organization coordinates an event in which farmers from the surrounding area come to showcase their food. This year was a little different -- the members of Hamilton’s Slow Food Organization cooked all the dishes themselves with local ingredients. My god was it delicious!  There was chicken, chickpea salad, bean salad, egg quiche, and straight-up carbohydrate rich bread.  But, apparently, I was not the only one to receive the memo. Perhaps a 100 or more people showed up. Whether they were there because of the free food or to quell their slow food hunger is unbeknownst to me. In the end, does it really matter?

In some respects, all the meals we eat at Hamilton are relatively slow. From what I know, Bon Appétit, Hamilton’s catering provider, uses a lot of local produce. In the fall, the apples from a nearby orchard are single-handedly the best apples I’ve even consumed. The bananas sometimes appear genetically modified but heck they’re edible nonetheless. Moreover, meals here are slow because we eat them slowly. Lunch and dinner are two points in the day when students can relax amidst their hectic schedules to catch up with friends and ramble on about any social issues they’re facing. Students usually end up sitting from 30 to 45 minutes eating in the dining halls. So, in conclusion, although life at Hamilton may be fast — the schedules, the intramural games, the semester — it settles down over a plate of slow food.