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Co-op meetings

March 6, 2012   

Co-op meetings: a time on Sunday evenings when the co-op discusses food values, types of milk, and weekend festivities.  Oftentimes tensions run high when the topic of meat comes up.  Vegetarians are a relatively small but nonetheless potent force in our co-op home but the carnivores put up a good fight. 

This past Sunday night, we talked about the following.

First, who is staying over break and for how long.  Apparently, the co-op had been quite disorganized during break in past years because students coming back from Alternative Spring Break trips (school-funded trips for students who are not homesick enough to go back home) had left boots and clothes lying around.  A couple of people will be here so they promised to keep things in order and prevent chaos from erupting. 

Second, we discussed where to buy our meat.  Two weeks ago, we bought a bulk of meat from a Hamilton dance professor who sells meat and eggs at a farmers market in Rochester and Utica.  Someone (one of the guys mind you) suggested that we hunt our meat!  Although theoretically crazy, hunting meat oneself is the most environmentally sustainable approache to feeding ones inner carnivore.  The co-op is not going to carry through but it was an interesting idea. 

Third, after every meeting, we pass around “kudos,” compliments or comments about things that people did during the week.  For instance, someone told me I did a wonderful job cleaning the kitchen.  Thank you anonymous co-oper.  Others included “kudos to someone getting lucky” or “kudos to Sunday morning breakfast talks.”  Laughs are always in excess during these times.

Stay tuned for future meetings…