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Trivia Night: An Insider's Perspective

February 17, 2008   Long had I heard whispers of the mystical experience, but having just turned 21, Tuesday night was my first venture into the campus’ favorite weekly cult meeting: Pub Trivia Night.

My gracious hosts, regular favorites team The Juice Did It (having been an active trivia team since OJ’s mid-nineties debacle), were kind enough to let me tag along through the two-hour brain tickle.
The pub was packed, but getting a beer wasn’t difficult. Most were seated around tables in their teams of four and five, prepping their answer sheets and imbibing two-dollar bottles of Labatt. Team Juice chose to call the poolroom home base; chairs were absent, but unnecessary, as they taught me the all-important life-skill of using my left leg as a kickstand. Popcorn, darts, more beer—and then, the trivia began.

Questions are relatively easy in Round One, and progressively increase in difficulty through four rounds until the Final Questions. The rationale behind the increasing-difficulty structure is questionable, as two hours at the pub can lead to diminished brain capacity and flushed faces. By the end, tough questions had answers such as “Calcutta,” “Alan Shepard,” and “a streak of tigers,” and garnered points were few and far between.

You needn’t be of age to participate in the game; however, the most gregarious and participatory teams seemed to be those that had been socially lubricated. I asked John Pew ’08 why he attends trivia night every Tuesday. “I would like to stress how great it is that school-sponsored drinking… Well, you quote me however you’d like, but definitely underline drinking and school-sponsored. And beer.” Eliot Beck, ’08, standing nearby, concurred: “I love this. The only way to make this better would be if they accepted credit cards or campus cash.”

Team The Juice Did It didn’t win, but it was a trip nonetheless. It’s safe to say that I’ll be back again next week. And if you’ve never been, do what I did and stop by the pub on Tuesday night between 8 and 10 PM… you just might learn something.