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The One With The Feature Length Film

September 4, 2013   

Hey journal buddies!

It’s been forever since I last wrote, (due apologies) but I’ve been busy having the summer of a lifetime.
This past summer took me to New York City, working with Mindfile Multimedia, a small production company, and between working with A list celebrities to working with 40k cameras, life has been beyond amazing.

Which brings us to the semester. Coming back up the hill after three uninterrupted months in the city that never sleeps might imply a culture shock. I won’t go too far and say that I don’t miss Ms. Guittierez on 43rd and 3rd and her fantastic artichoke pizza at 1 AM, but beyond that I feel settling back into the lush of the Hamilton green was easier than ever, mostly facilitated by the fact that only the high-rise is gone: The pace remains!

This semester I’m embarking on what I would like to think is a Hamilton first. Where theater productions have graced the milieu of the hill for centuries now, what I’m bringing to production might just never have been attempted as such. I am making (drum roll) a feature length film!!!

For those of you who have stuck around with me last year, you’ll remember me designing my major in film. What that has taken me to this semester, is putting everything I learnt between then and now, at Hamilton or in New York City, into full gear. After a long stretch of auditions last night, I have a cast for Voletta’s debut film, an adaptation of H.G. Wells’s fine literary work and my pride and joy that has been in the making since March this year. Get ready for “The Door In the Wall”!

As I embark on this fabulous journey, with all its ups and downs, I’ll keep you guys posted on what's up with the film. Stay tuned, stay awesome, and hang in tight. Hamilton College is going cinematic this fall!