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Fallcoming/Alumni Weekend

October 11, 2012   

This past weekend was Hamilton’s Fallcoming Weekend!  This usually takes place during one of the first home football game weekends of the year and it’s always filled with lots of fun activities and lectures that you do not want to miss out on! 

This year was especially exciting with the opening of the new Wellin Museum of Art.  I got to tour it on Saturday morning and really enjoyed what I saw.  I’m not a connoisseur of art by any means, but I thought that the exhibit they currently have on display was fantastic.  There was a very diverse mix of media, including video/sound art.  This multi-media instillation was definitely my favorite piece.  This semester, I am taking a Sound Design course and one focus of the class is using sound as art.  We have been watching a lot of videos online of examples of this, but it was awesome to see this type of art in person. 

Additionally, the physical building of the Wellin Museum is beautiful.  It is completely open with glass walls to help create transparency for the inner workings of a museum.  For those interested in going into art as a profession, the Wellin is going to be a great tool to help educate students about the aspects of an art museum.  Whether or not you are interested in going into this type of field after graduation, I think it is so amazing that we get to have this high quality museum on campus to enjoy and learn from.  I have been to many art museums, including the Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute in Utica (which, by the way, is fantastic), but having the Wellin on campus is so convenient for students to be able to appreciate art.  I can’t wait to see the other exhibits they are going to be having throughout this year!

However, the best part about this weekend was that it was also Alumni Weekend!  I had a few friends who graduated last year come back on Saturday and stay with me.  It was so much fun to hang out with them just like when they were at school.  The first thing they wanted to do was to go to Commons Dining Hall for lunch.  I couldn’t believe it!  But, they reminded me about the tasty food that Commons serves and how much they miss it and its convenience.  Now, they actually have jobs and have to make their own food, which is crazy!  It was only about six months ago that we were all together at school, hanging out on the weekends and spending our Sundays ordering Chinese food and watching movies.  Even though I wish they were still at school, I am so glad that they are all doing amazing things with their lives.  My friend Caitlan is teaching math and coaching soccer and softball at a boarding school, my friend Catie is applying to vet school while working with a horse trainer, and my friend Marisa has a marketing job at a company in New York City.  They are all happy with what they are doing and they are a great example to me of living your dreams.  I miss them already and can’t wait to see them again, but it was so nice to have this weekend to catch up.