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My latest addiction...

April 25, 2007   

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. For years I watched my grandmother zip through the New York Times Crossword. Usually I’d be eating my breakfast while she did them. She might occasionally try to involve me by asking for some help, but for the most part I offered very little.

Recently, though, I decided to take a crack at the sucker myself. This Monday, I got about halfway through the Crossword before calling it quits. Then on Tuesday, I solved the whole damn thing. It took me, off and on, the entire day to complete, but complete it I did. And when I checked my answers against the answers provided in Wednesday’s paper, I found that I had only made one/two errors (I had “nudge” instead of “budge,” which also gave me “noors” rather than “boors”). It is now safe to say I am hooked.

Fortunately – or, perhaps, unfortunately – Hamilton subscribes to the New York Times. Numerous copies are made available in both of the major on-campus dining halls, Soper Commons and McEwan. So, while it may take me a little time to get this new addiction under control, at least I know that I can always get an easy fix. Damn you, Will Shortz.